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The god of Thunder

The son of Yemaja and the mother goddess, protector of birth is Shango the god of thunder who is one of the popular worldwide acclaimed legends from West Africa to be precise Nigeria. He is referred to as Chango or Xango in Lantin America and also Jakuta. Like most Yoruba names and their meanings, Shango […]



One of the biggest ethnic groups in sub-Sahara Africa is the Yoruba from Nigeria. It’s believed that the Yoruba people descended from a hero called Odua or Oduduwa. The Yoruba territory was known as the slavery coast during the slavery era. Their language belongs to the Congo-Kordofanian language family. Yoruba has many dialects, but its […]

The Ashanti Kingdom

The Ashanti kingdom consist of 38 small states in the 1950’s and was formed by Osei Tutu I and Okonfo Anokye his advisor. By 1965 the number was reduced to nine but by 1700 they reunited again to form a confederation with Kumasi as their capital. The name ‘ssanti’smeaning because of war, this was formed […]


Early on this year, Eyram Tawia (CEO), led us to win the Most Heart Award at the African Entrepreneurship Award. This was after a very rigorous process and he didn’t fail to in putting his passion and belief in the African gaming industry across. He recently did a podcast with the AEA Team to update […]



It is estimated that he was $400 billion rich. Yes!! FOUR HUNDRED BILLION, that’s the total wealth of the top 5 living wealthiest on earth, Bill Gate, Amancio Ortega, Warren Buffet, Carlos Slim and Jeff Bezos. In 1312 Musa became emperor following the death of his predecessor, Abu-Bakr II. When he was crowned, he was […]


We just found out that kids really ask a lot of questions………the hard way. Lol, just kidding! So we had some of the cutest five to seven year olds visit us at the Kenyan office. They were sooooooo curious about how the games were made and the why. They got to try their hands on […]


Suicide Squad gets massacred

Have you seen the reviews yet? It was estimated to gross about $125 million but it has shot up to $140 million over the weekend. The impact of reviews after the first week is inevitable. We can all testify the amount of damage negative reviews had on Batman vs Superman. It’s very sad this is […]


Hey Leti Friends,the African Youth Choice Awards is here again and yours truly got nominated in four categories(whoop whoop). The categories in which we are nominated are as follows: YOUTH COMPANY OF THE YEAR Leti Arts YOUTH OF THE YEAR Eyram Tawia ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR Eyram Tawia BEST TECH START UP OF THE YEAR […]