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Two friends brought together by their passion for innovation, creativity and change founded Leti Games in 2009. Eyram and Wesley came from a background of accomplished and award winning video games development and were passionate to build a one of a kind video games development studio, in fact one of very few in Africa. Due to the lack of skilled people and video games development studios, Leti Games not only faced the challenge of building a company in Africa, but also a new industry in Africa.



Our vision is to create the next African Super heroes via comics and Games! Through that, we tend to create fun, challenging, multi-player and mind-blowing Games as well as valuable Mobile Content!

We believe Africa will make a salient contribution to the world of Game Development and Digital Media.

We are not only building a company in Africa, we are building a whole new industry in Africa!



The world wide game industry is estimated to be worth more than the movie and music industry combined! This is incredible for an industry that is less than 30 years old! Leti Games is strategically positioning itself in the global space in two ways:

1. We bring a unique African perspective: Africa is filled with great stories. There are hundreds of tribes, each with their own unique and mind-blowing stories and legends. From the Zulu of South Africa to the Massai of East Africa to the Ashanti of West Africa. Africa is full of stories begging to be packaged into content.

2. Focus on Mobile: Mobile growth has been phenomenal. There are more people in Africa using data enabled phones than computers. It has become the everyday tool not only for communication but also commerce and entertainment.

From 2009 to mid-2011 we focused on building our technical value. This involved building a base platform, building a few products on top of the platform and testing various distributions and marketing channels in Africa & the World in general.

Eyram Tawia 

(Co-founder / CEO)

Eyram's love for comics and computer games helped to spur his interest to learn to program back in junior high...




Wesley Kirinya

(Co-founder / CTO)

Wesley is an entrepreneur at heart, having founded three companies before he's reached 30 years old....


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