Enter a world of action, intrigue and ancestral super-powers

Africa: the birthplace of all mankind, and now the centre of mankind?? next step in evolution – a spiritual awakening, endowing normal people across the continent with incredible super powers.

Africa’s Legends is a vast superhero universe steeped in real mythology, culture and history from across Africa – all brought up-to-date to tackle the modern-day issues which affect every African.

Reawakening: Africa?? greatest superhero adventure… alive in your pocket

Africa’s Legends: Reawakening is Leti Arts’ brand new game in the Africa’s Legends universe, and brings AAA quality and scale to feature-phones and smartphones across the continent.

It tells the incredible origin story of the first Africa’s Legends: Ananse in Ghana, Oya in Nigeria, and Olmoran in Kenya.

Play with your friends, ignite your imagination, uncover the mystery plaguing the continent, and rescue Africa from the brink of disaster!

Utilising truly innovative SMS text-based gameplay, everyone can play, no matter their device. Fun is guaranteed for all!

Gameplay Features

  • Irresistable sci-fi story you won’t want to put down – all based on African history, mythology, subcultures and contemporary issues.
  • Explore seven countries around Africa.
  • Open-world free exploration of realistically mapped environments based on real cities, landmarks and historical sites.
  • Real-time multiplayer gameplay with people from all over the continent.
  • Exhilarating combat against thousands of foes.
  • Stacks of collectible items based on African artefacts.
  • Hundreds of mind-bending puzzles, traps and mazes to overcome.

Technical Stuff

  • 100% free-to-play, with optional in-game-purchases.
  • Playable on any device that supports SMS.
  • No data required to play.
  • Server-based persistent universe.
  • Vast online resources and visuals for players with data.